The Three Magi: Follow The Star Within

The Three Magi: Follow The Star Within

Inspired by the magic of softly fallen snowflakes today, I would like to wish a peaceful, joyous, and reflective holiday to all! Whatever that means to you, the goal is who you are, not where you go: Follow the star within this Chistmas…

From one of my favorite old school Christmas albums:
The New Troubadours
Festival of Light (Words by David Spangler; Music by Milenko Matanovic)

“This is the festival, the festival of Light,
Sing for the candles burning brightly in our hearts.
Sing for the light of love that guides our destiny.
Sing for the light of life that builds community.

Sing for the wise ones, men and women who
Light up our way with visions that are true.
Sing for the children who are candles of the dawn,
Giving us the promise that our light will carry on.

This is the festival, the festival of Light.
Sing for the love that shall make this world ignite,
Aflame with a beauty that awaits in every heart.
Sing for the will that can make that fire start!

Follow the Light that leads within us to the birth
Of love and harmony and peace for all upon the earth.

We are the festival, we are the Light,
We are the candles burning brightly in the night.”

I can’t lie, also to be enthusiastically celebrated via wine, turkey, potatoes, and Grandma’s cookies for sure:)



Thoughts From The Barre: Project Performed

Thoughts From The Barre: Project Performed

So bloggers…Snow has fallen, project back in the pointe shoes performed! And here I am in my tiny dressing room, wearing my tiny Snow Queen tutu. My Nutcracker performances swirled onto the Kaye Playhouse stage in New York a couple weeks ago. I must admit I am just now recovered. What an intense relief, immensely cathartic. It was wonderful to be back under the lights with a great group of performers, somehow magical. And these lights were particularly bright. Knock your socks off and knock you right off your leg bright. YES, there were those ever present imperfections, doubts, aches, pains, and why am I doing this when I can’t eat, sleep or stop feeling so keyed up. Let’s face it, I am hardly the world’s most perfect tutu ballerina. But that would make it easy. And is anything easy worth doing anyway? As my favorite trainer Jillian Michaels says, “You have to get uncomfortable, that’s when real change happens.” And I’d like to think I make up for it in artistry and Presence. All in all, it feels worth it for that sense of wonder and accomplishment.

Not to mention, I was surprisingly overwhelmed by pride for my 8 year old angels, who remembered all their choreography AND to smile. They looked at me with such a twinkle in their eyes when they saw me in my tutu, then resolved into giggling hysterics when covered in fog at the beginning of act II. Priceless.

Anyway, just following the path that has presented itself and glad it brought me at least one more opportunity to grow as a performer. Bringing a little joy and beauty into the world this holiday…

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”
Henry David Thoreau quotes