Thoughts from the Barre

Thoughts from the Barre

From ballet class at City Center this morning:
What is your definition of contained? Can you be CONTAINED without out being RESTRAINED (in movement or in life)?

Webster’s Dictionary says:
Contain, hold, accommodate mean to have or be capable of having within. Contain implies the actual presence of a specified substance or quantity within something. Hold implies the capacity of containing or the usual or permanent function of containing or keeping. Accommodate stresses holding without crowding or inconvenience.



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  1. takelight
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 03:29:39

    In my opinion, the least effective mode to communicate is language, hence words can never convey exact feeling/emotions.
    Well, to me restrained is more limiting while containing gives feeling of freedom.

    These are my criteria- limiting or liberating.


    • xballerina
      Sep 07, 2013 @ 03:45:09

      YES! Perfectly put , thank you. I wrote a paper on the subject of free will recently. I read several theories about how semantics totally limit our thinking on the subject. A philosopher Kai Nelson says “But laws of nature are not prescriptions to act in a certain way. They do not constrain you; rather, they are statements of regularities…In talking of this we often bring in an uncritical use of the word ‘force’, as in the earth being pushed and pulled around the sun. Putting the matter this way makes one feel as if one is always being compelled or constrained, when in reality one is not.” We need some form to allow freedom, but it need not compel us. Liberating exactly!


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